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Space World
Space World 01.jpg
Venus GP
Location Yahatahigashi-ku, Japan
Opened 1990 (1990)
This article is about the theme park. For the video game trade show, see Nintendo Space World.

Space World (スペースワールド Supēsu Wārudo?) is a theme park in Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyūshū, Japan.

Created in 1990 by Nippon Steel when the company was downsizing its steel plant in the ward, it is currently operated by Space World Inc., a subsidiary of Kamori Kankō.[citation needed]

Space World offers a variety of attractions, with events held daily, and Space Camp, Japan's first authentic educational space experience facility.[citation needed]

Space Camp[edit]

Space Camp was created under a licensing agreement with the U.S. Space Camp Foundation, and provides a full curriculum, including special training using the same apparatus as NASA astronauts. The participants stay in the camp, and are given instruction by an expert staff. A variety of courses are available, catering to different age groups and length of course.

Ferris wheel[edit]

A distant view of Space World.jpg

Space World is the home of the Space Eye, a 100-metre (330 ft) tall Ferris wheel affording panoramic views.[1]


  • 1990: Space World opens on part of the grounds of the Yawata iron mill on 22 April.
  • 1992: The popular attraction "Star Shaker" opens.
  • 1993: First water attraction "Planetary Aqua" appears. The total course length runs 500 meters and is the longest in Japan.
  • 1994: The coaster, "Meteor Liner Titan" (also known as "Titan") is opened. At that time, it was world's largest inclined angle coaster.
  • 1996: The coaster "Venus" opens.
  • 1998: Coming-of-age ceremony of Kitakyushu city is held. In the same year an accident on "Atlas Tower" occurs, badly injuring a visitor. The park closes for 6 months.
  • 1999: Treasure Star (Twin Mercury) is opened at a cost of 5 billion yen (approximately $40 million).
  • 2001: BIOHAZARD 4D-EXECUTER 4D theater attraction opens.
  • 2004: Kids QUEST amusement area opens.
  • 2005 April: 15th anniversary. Alien Panic attraction opens the same year.
  • 2006: Lucky Town character amusement area opens.
  • 2006: Zaturn opens.


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