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Family name
Pronunciation Spain
Meaning derived from Gaelic Spainneach meaning Spanish, Old French espine meaning thorn bush
Region of origin England, Wales; Normandy, France; southern Ireland
Related names Épaignes, de Espaigne, Espinay, Spane, Spainneach, Spaigne, Spayne, de Hispana, Spaine
Footnotes: [1][2][3]

Spain a surname English, Norman, French, Irish in origin, but linked to expatriates, or colonialists, who either had origins in Spain or had spent a significant amount of time there. The evolution of the name came about when the government of each European country introduced personal taxation, known as Poll Tax in England,[4] and surnames became necessary for record keeping.

Earliest usage[edit]

The earliest recorded use of the surname;

  • in the form of de Espaigne is from 1179 in the Pipe Rolls of Essex during the reign of King Henry II
  • in the form of Espáine...
  • in the form of Spane is from 1302 in Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire
  • in the form of Spaigne is from 1318 in the Calendar of Letter Books of London
  • in the form of Spayne is from 1327 in the Subsidy Rolls of Cambridgeshire
  • in the form of de Hispania is from 1086 in the Domesday Book of 1086, came from Espaignes
  • in the form of Spaine is from 1579 in the Recordings from London Church Registers
  • in the form of Spain is from 1697 in the Recordings from London Church Registers


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