Spartina spartinae

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Spartina spartinae
Spartina spartinae line.jpg

Apparently Secure (NatureServe)
Scientific classification
S. spartinae
Binomial name
Spartina spartinae

Spartina spartinae is a species of grass known by the common names gulf cordgrass[1] and sacahuista. It is native to the Americas, where it occurs from the Gulf Coast of the United States south to Argentina.[2]

This species forms dense clumps of sharp-tipped leaves.[3] The stems may grow up to 2 meters tall. The inflorescence is a cylindrical panicle up to 70 centimeters long. It has many branches each a few centimeters long which grow pressed to the stem. They contain spikelets each up to a centimeter in length.[2]

This grass grows in moist to wet habitat and it can live in saline environments. Habitat types include marshes and wet prairies.[3] It can sometimes be found inland alongside Pinus palustris.[2]


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