Spartocytisus supranubius

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Spartocytisus supranubius
Spartocytisus supranubius.jpg
Spartocytisus supranubius at Roque de los Muchachos, La Palma
Scientific classification
S. supranubius
Binomial name
Spartocytisus supranubius
  • Cytisus supranubius (L.f.) Kuntze
  • Spartium supranubium L.f.

Spartocytisus supranubius (supra = above; nubius = the cloud) is a white-flowered species of broom endemic to the Canary Islands and known there by the common name Retama del Teide. S. supranubius is a high mountain species, occurring at about 2000m altitude on Tenerife in Las Cañadas del Teide and on mountain tops on La Palma.[1]:201

The name Spartocytisus supranubius is a synonym of the accepted name Cytisus supranubius (L.f.) Kuntze.[2]


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