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Spear is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Spear (1852–1929), justice on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and President of the Maine Senate
  • Allan Spear (1937–2008), American politician and educator from Minnesota
  • Bernard Spear (1919–2003), English actor
  • Bob Spear (1920–2014), founding director of the Birds of Vermont Museum, a longtime naturalist, birdwatcher and master woodcarver
  • Burning Spear (born 1945), Jamaican roots rock reggae artist
  • Duston Spear, native of Virginia, is an artist and activist residing in New York City
  • Ellis Spear (1834–1917), officer in the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment who rose to the rank of general during the American Civil War
  • Eric Spear (1908–1966), English composer of film music
  • Frank Spear (born 1953), Founder and Director of Spear Education
  • Harry Spear (1921–2006), US child actor
  • John Murray Spear (1804–1887), Spiritualist preacher
  • John Spear (1848–1921), British Liberal Unionist politician
  • Joseph Spear (d. 1837), British naval officer
  • Laurinda Hope Spear (born 1950), American architect and landscape architect
  • Lawrence York Spear (1870–1950), American naval officer and businessman
  • Mary Spear (1913–2006), English cricketer
  • Matt Spear (born 1970), American soccer coach
  • Mónica Spear (1984–2014), Miss Venezuela 2004
  • Percival Spear (1901–1982), English historian
  • Richard E. Spear (born 1940), American art historian and professor
  • Roberta Spear (1948–2003), American poet
  • Roger Ruskin Spear (born 1943), founding member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  • Ruskin Spear (1911–1990), British artist
  • Samuel P. Spear (1815–1875), American soldier in the Seminole, Mexican–American War, and American Civil Wars
  • Terry Spear, award-winning American author
  • Timothy L. Spear, Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly
  • Tony Spear, American space exploration project manager
  • Walter Eric Spear (1921–2008), German physicist
  • William T. Spear (1834–1913), U.S. Republican politician

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