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Spec E30 cars in action at Summit Point Raceway.

Spec E30 is a class of racing cars used in National Auto Sport Association (NASA) road racing events.


The goal for Spec E30 is to create high levels of competition among similarly prepared BMW E30 3 Series cars at a reasonable cost. It is intended to encourage low-cost, entry-level, production car based competition. It has been called "the next big thing" in club-level racing by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.


The series consists of U.S.-spec BMW E30 325i coupes and sedans, sold between 1987 and 1991. All cars in the series use the BMW M20B25 engine. Convertibles built to series specs and with log books issued prior to November 1, 2011 are still allowed to compete, but this model has been sunsetted out of the series.[1]

As a "specified" class, the rules allow for a limited number of modifications, predominantly involving required suspension parts.

Required components include:

  • M20B25
  • Getrag 260 5-speed transmission
  • 3.73 rear differential final drive ratio
  • Stock/unmodified ECU
  • H&R Race spring set
  • Bilstein Sport shocks
  • Spec series tire (which is currently the Toyo RR or RA1 in 205/50/15 size
  • minimum weight with driver at the end of the race is 2700 pounds

Allowed modifications include rebuilding of the original BMW motor, but it must follow factory specifications. And even then, there is now a reward weight system that is used based on the actual output from a sanctioned dynometer (maximum class allowed is 162.9). As well, a model dyno plot is used to compare all competitors engine output for distinct anomalies.[2]

Series Winners[edit]


Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd
2013 Miller Motorsports Park N/A (No entries) N/A (No entries) N/A (No entries)
2012 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Anthony Magagnoli Charlie Hayes Eric Palacio
2011 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Robert Grace Eric Palacio Jonathan Allen
2010 Miller Motorsports Park Outer Course Frans Hansen Gary Rieger Chris Cobetto
2009 Miller Motorsports Park Outer Course Chris Cobetto Steve Ferrario Stephen DeVinney
2008 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Mike Skeen Simon Hunter Carter Hunt
2007 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Chris Cobetto Jonathan Allen Mike Skeen
2006 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Chris Cobetto Robert Patton Carter Hunt



  • 2006 Mid Atlantic: Chris Cobetto
  • 2005 Mid Atlantic: Carter Hunt

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