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Specs Howard (born Jerry Liebman on April 8, 1926) is a radio pioneer who spent three decades entertaining audiences in Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.[1] He achieved notice as one of the members of the Martin and Howard Show in Cleveland during the 1960s before moving to Detroit.[1][2] In 1970, he created the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan.[2][3][4] Since the school's inception in 1970, thousands of people have graduated and gone to have successful radio and television broadcasting careers. In late 2009 the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts became the Specs Howard School of Media Arts due to the addition of graphic design and film courses.

His name "Specs" was reportedly taken for his wearing of glasses, and "Howard" randomly out of a phone book. Specs Howard is a graduate of Allegheny College.[1][2] At Allegheny, he had his first radio station which he later sold and went to work for another radio station.[2]


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