Speedway Grand Prix of Italy

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Italy2010 FIM Nice Italian Speedway Grand Prix
Stadium Pista Olimpia Terenzano, Terenzano
Years 7 (1996, 2005-present)
Track speedway track
Track Length 400 m
Last Event (season 2009)
Date September 25 2009
Referee Sweden Wojciech Grodzki
Winner Poland Tomasz Gollob
2nd place United Kingdom Chris Harris
3rd place United States Greg Hancock

The Speedway Grand Prix of Italy is a speedway event that is a part of the Speedway Grand Prix Series. First ever Italian SGP was held in 1996 season and was won by Dane Hans Nielsen. Next SGP was held nine years later in 2005. First five event was held at Santa Marina Stadium in Lonigo. Since 2009 Italian SGP is hosting at Pista Olimpia Terenzano in Terenzano.



Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1996 Denmark Hans Nielsen United States Billy Hamill Sweden Tony Rickardsson
2005 United States Greg Hancock Australia Jason Crump United States Greg Hancock
2006 Australia Jason Crump United Kingdom Scott Nicholls Denmark Hans N. Andersen
2007 Denmark Nicki Pedersen United States Greg Hancock Poland Wiesław Jaguś
2008 Denmark Hans N. Andersen Denmark Bjarne Pedersen Australia Jason Crump


Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2009 Poland Tomasz Gollob Denmark Hans N. Andersen Denmark Nicki Pedersen
2010 Poland Tomasz Gollob United Kingdom Chris Harris United States Greg Hancock
2011 Sweden Andreas Jonsson United States Greg Hancock Sweden Antonio Lindbäck

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