Spence's Hotel

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Spence's Hotel as photographed by Frederick Fiebig in 1851

Spence's Hotel was a hotel established in Kolkata in 1830. It was near the Government House.[1] It no longer exists.[2]

Spence's Hotel near St. John's Church

Various sources describe Spence's Hotel as either the first hotel in Asia, or in India, or in Kolkata.[3][4][5]

The hotel is mentioned in Jules Verne's The Steam House as a place where the characters stay during a visit to Kolkata.

On 16 January 1861 Duleep Singh met his mother Jind Kaur at the hotel.[6] They had been separated in 1849 after the Treaty of Lahore when he was 10 years old and they reunited when he was age 22.[6] From here, Singh brought his mother back with him to live in England.[6] Because of political tension the British government choose Spence's Hotel as a neutral place where there was unlikely to be conflict.[6]


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