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Location of the Bavarian and Hessian Spessart

Logo of the nature park

The Spessart Nature Park (German: Naturpark Spessart) covers an area of 2,440 km² within the German hill range known as the Spessart. The geological foundation of the nature park is formed by a Bunter sandstone plate, up to about 400 metres thick, which tilts towards the southeast. The nature park includes the largest contiguous area of mixed forest in Germany. Deep valleys, gentle hillsides and heights characterise the landscape of the Spessart.

The Spessart Nature Park consists of two parts:

  • The Bavarian Spessart Nature Park (Naturpark Bayerischer Spessart), founded in 1961, in Northwestern Bavaria, which covers an area of 1,710 km² and lies in the so-called Main rectangle.
  • The Hessian Spessart Nature Park (Naturpark Hessischer Spessart), founded in 1962, in southeastern Hesse, which has an area of 730 km² and lies in the northern Spessart, south of the A 66 motorway between Hanau and Schlüchtern.

The nature park is managed by Naturpark Spessart e. V..

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