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A sphere is an object shaped like a ball and can also be used to refer to a sphere-like region or shell.

Sphere may also refer to:

In mathematics[edit]

  • Spherical surface, the boundary of a sphere (also known simply as sphere in mathematics)
  • Spherical volume, the region inside a sphere (also known as a ball in mathematics)
  • n-sphere, the set of points at fixed distance from a central point in n+1 dimensional space

In human sciences[edit]

  • Public sphere, an area where individuals can discuss social problems
  • Sphere of influence, a metaphorical region of influence surrounding a country, person or concept

In astronomy[edit]

In music[edit]



In literature[edit]

In film and television[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • The Sphere, a 1971 large metallic sculpture located between the twin towers of the former World Trade Center
  • Sphere (website), the blog search engine
  • Dresspheres in the game Final Fantasy X-2 are used to change character classes
  • Sphere, a rumored internal development name for the PlayStation Move controller

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