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Coordinates: 41°04′16″N 81°30′24″W / 41.071137°N 81.506602°W / 41.071137; -81.506602

Spicertown is a neighborhood within Akron, Ohio located in the area around Spicer and East Exchange Streets. Originally settled by Major Minor Spicer and his family in the years 1810-1811,[1] Spicertown's population increased steadily over the following 25 years due to an influx of German immigrants.

Due to the efforts of community leaders, Spicertown managed to escape being included within the Village of Akron during its incorporation in 1836. However once Akron became a city in the year 1865, Spicertown lost its political distinction.

Today, the Spicertown area is an eclectic mix of small shops and college housing on the southern edge of The University of Akron. One of the area's most well known residents is Don Drumm whose art studio and gallery, which showcases the contemporary artwork of more than 500 N. American artisans, has become well known throughout the region.


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