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This article is about the comic. For the novel, see Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row.
Spike & Dru
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Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Format 96 pages, soft cover, full color
Publication date August 7, 2001
Number of issues BtVS: Spike & Dr: 'All's Fair', The Queen..'
Creative team
Writer(s) James Marsters, Christopher Golden
Artist(s) Keith Barnett
Penciller(s) Eric Powell
Inker(s) Drew Geraci
Colorist(s) Guy Major

Spike & Dru is a trade paperback collecting comic stories based on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television series. The book contains four stories, all starring the characters Spike and Drusilla.

All's Fair[edit]

In 1933, Spike and Dru are at the World's Fair. However, some very vengeful and deadly vampire hunters want vengeance against Spike for killing their relative Xin Rong.

The Queen of Hearts[edit]

Spike and Dru are travelling to Sunnydale, but first stop off at St. Louis to try some riverboat gambling. The detour ends up less relaxing than they might have hoped.

Set before Buffy season 2 episode "School Hard".

Paint the Town Red[edit]

Spike is irritated by Drusilla's passion for Angelus. Their relationship comes to a heated end and Spike goes to Turkey for a break. Dru hunts him down with someone new, a necromancer. She wants to even the scores but soon makes trouble for everyone.

Set after Buffy season 2 episode "Becoming, Part Two".

This story is co-authored by James Marsters, who played Spike on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show.

Who Made Who[edit]

Spike and Dru are a newly made up couple in Brazil. Yet Dru's attention once again drifts away and Spike spoils some partying.

Set in Buffy season 3, after the episode "Lovers Walk".

This ten page short story originally appeared in the comic one shot "Lovers Walk".

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