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cape star
Spiloxene capensis yellow form - HYPOXIDACEAE.JPG
Spiloxene capensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Hypoxidaceae
Genus: Spiloxene
  • Ianthe Salisb.
  • Janthe Nel

Spiloxene (Cape Star) is a genus of plant species belonging to the Hypoxidaceae family. Spiloxene species are native to South Africa and Namibia.[1] The rootstock is a corm, leaves are linear to ovate, and flowers are star or funnel shaped.[2]

  1. Spiloxene acida (Nel) Garside - Cape Province
  2. Spiloxene aemulans (Nel) Garside - Cape Province
  3. Spiloxene alba (Thunb.) Fourc. - Cape Province
  4. Spiloxene aquatica (L.f.) Fourc. - Cape Province
  5. Spiloxene canaliculata Garside - Cape Province
  6. Spiloxene capensis (L.) Garside - Cape Province
  7. Spiloxene curculigoides (Bolus) Garside - Cape Province
  8. Spiloxene etesionamibensis U.Müll.-Doblies, Mark.Ackermann, Weigend & D.Müll.-Doblies - Namibia
  9. Spiloxene flaccida (Nel) Garside - Cape Province
  10. Spiloxene gracilipes (Schltr.) Garside - Cape Province
  11. Spiloxene minuta (L.) Fourc. - Cape Province
  12. Spiloxene monophylla (Schltr. ex Baker) Garside - Cape Province
  13. Spiloxene nana Snijman - Cape Province
  14. Spiloxene ovata (L.f.) Garside - Cape Province
  15. Spiloxene pusilla Snijman - Cape Province
  16. Spiloxene schlechteri (Bolus) Garside - Cape Province
  17. Spiloxene scullyi (Baker) Garside - Cape Province, Namibia
  18. Spiloxene serrata (Thunb.) Garside - Cape Province
  19. Spiloxene trifurcillata (Nel) Fourc. - Cape Province
  20. Spiloxene umbraticola (Schltr.) Garside - Cape Province


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