Springfield (album)

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Studio album by Carole Fredericks
Released 1996 France, Belgium, Switzerland
2002 United States
Genre Gospel, Blues
Label JRG Editions Musicales/Fr
Producer Erick Benzi
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Tom Branson not rated[1]

Springfield is a 1996 album by Carole Fredericks. It features a cover of Edwin Hawkins’ "Oh Happy Day", the traditional "Silent Night", "You Had It Comin’", a duet with her brother blues musician Taj Mahal, and the pop single, "Run Away Love", which was the theme song to the 1998 Jean-Paul Belmondo film Une Chance Sur Deux.

The album was recorded in English and released in France, Belgium and Switzerland. The album was released in the United States in 2002. Springfield won Best Gospel Album, and singles from the album, "Shine" and "Save My Soul," took Best Gospel Song and Best Gospel Song 2nd Place in the 2004 JPF Music Awards.[citation needed] In the 2008 International Songwriting Competition, "Reason to Stay" won Honorable Mention in the Blues category, and "Shine" won Honorable Mention in the Gospel/Christian category.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

The album contains the following tracks:[2]

  1. "Save My Soul"
  2. "Reachin’"
  3. "You Had It Comin’"
  4. "Shine"
  5. "Jesus in Me"
  6. "Run Away Love"
  7. "No Rain"
  8. "Change"
  9. "Let Him Be Blues"
  10. "Reason to Stay"
  11. "Tender Love"
  12. "Oh Happy Day"
  13. "So I Pray"
  14. "Silent Night"


The following personnel performed on the album:[2]

  • Carole Fredericks – Vocals
  • Taj Mahal – Vocal/Harmonica
  • Charly Doll – Drums/Percussion
  • David Bernadaux - Drums
  • Yannick Hardoium – Bass
  • Youssef Bouchou - Bass
  • Didier Mouret – Organ/Piano
  • Jacques Veneruso – Electric & acoustic guitar/Dobro
  • Gildas Arzel – Electric & acoustic guitar/Dobro
  • Christopher Satterfield – Guitars
  • BAT’BRASS – Brass
  • Thierry Durel – Trombone
  • Stephane Baudet – Trompet/Bugle
  • Gilles Martin – Alto/Tenor/Baritone sax

Background vocals were performed by Yvonne Jones, Carole Fredericks, Catherine Russell, Erick Benzi, Jacques Veneruso, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Connie Malone.


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