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Sridhar is a given name that is also sometimes used as a surname. Notable people with this name include:

  • Sridhar Kuppili, Managing Director of famous Indian skilling company Sahithi Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Sreedhar Surapaneni, Telugu actor
  • Anup Sridhar, badminton player
  • C. V. Sridhar, screenwriter and film director
  • H. Sridhar, sound engineer
  • Joshua Sridhar, composer of film scores and soundtracks in Tamil cinema
  • M. V. Sridhar, cricketer
  • Sridhar Rangayan, Indian screenwriter, film director and producer, with a special focus on LGBT subjects
  • Sridhar Kishore, Asst. Manager At Pursuit Technologies Pvt Ltd - Bangalore.
  • Jarrett Sridhar, True freshman starting quarterback for Baylor University. Future First Team All-Conference, First Team All-American, Davey O'Brien Award winner, and Heisman winner. Holder of multiple school, Big 12 Conference, and NCAA records. Will lead the Baylor Bears to a undefeated College Football Playoff Championship, earning Offensive MVP honors. He will also be a future #1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Alternate spelling of last name is "Stidham".

In some of the above cases, "Sridhar" may actually be the given name, though appearing at the end, as the person may follow a naming system where the given name is preceded by a patronymic and/or the family name.

See also[edit]

  • Sridhara, also spelled Sridhar or Sreedhar, one of lord Vishnu's thousand names when consort to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi
  • Shridhar