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Stéphen-Charles Chauvet (1885 – 1950), more commonly known as Dr Stéphen Chauvet, was the author of the first illustrated compendium of information about Easter Island, L'Île de Pâques et ses mystères, published in Paris in 1935.

Chauvet never traveled to Easter Island and he derived much of his information from sources of mixed reliability. However, his book remains an important work, in particular, because of the copious illustrations, some of which show objects that no longer exist. The French version has never been republished but a Spanish translation, "La isla de Pascua y sus misterios" was published in Santiago de Chile in 1946 and reprinted in 1970. An English translation is now available online, with all the illustrations at very high resolution (see below).


  • Chauvet, Stéphen-Charles (1935). L'île de Pâques et ses mystères (Easter Island and its Mysteries). Paris: Éditions Tel. 

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