St. Anns, Nova Scotia

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Not to be confused with present-day Englishtown, Nova Scotia, which was formerly known as Saint Anne.

St. Anns (Scottish Gaelic: Baile Anna) is a Canadian rural community located in Victoria County, Nova Scotia.

Situated on the southwestern shore of St. Anns Bay on Cape Breton Island, the community is located at the intersection of the Cabot Trail and Highway 105, the Trans-Canada Highway.

St. Anns, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
St. Anns, Nova Scotia
St. Anns in Nova Scotia

It is home to the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts, which is located on the property of controversial 19th century clergyman, the Reverend Norman McLeod who led a large group of approximately 800 residents from the surrounding area to Waipu, New Zealand, during the 1850s.

Electoral representation[edit]



  • Great Hall of the Clans Museum


Coordinates: 46°12′00″N 60°36′00″W / 46.20000°N 60.60000°W / 46.20000; -60.60000