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St. Helens School District is a public school district in the U.S. state of Oregon that serves the cities of St. Helens and Columbia City.


In the 2009 school year, the district had 43 students classified as homeless by the Department of Education, or 1.2% of students in the district.[1]

Elementary schools[edit]

McBride Elementary School[edit]

McBride Elementary School is a school for Kindergartners to sixth graders. It is located at 2774 Columbia Boulevard. It is a low-lying one-story building located on the west side of town. The St. Helens School District motto is "Our mission is to provide the youth of St. Helens School District with a learning environment and the skills to maximize each individual's potential." The four main rules of all the St. Helens Schools are: BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, AND BE A LEARNER.

Lewis and Clark Intermediate School[edit]

Lewis and Clark Intermediate School is a school for Kindergarteners to sixth graders. It is located at 111 South 9th Street. It is a three-story building located on the east side of town.

Columbia City School[edit]

Columbia City School has just reopened beginning Sept 2017 for K-6th graders.

Middle school[edit]

St. Helens Middle School[edit]

St. Helens Middle School is for seventh to eighth graders. It is a one-story building in the east side of town.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities[edit]

It is currently hosting many extracurricular activities such as a homework club, where kids work in silence in the library. Other activities include guitar club, Activities Coordination Team (a group of kids that arrange most of the dances, extra-curriculars, etc.), builders club, and a debate team.


St Helens Middle School offers girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, wrestling and track. There are also many other options such as football with SHYFL, club volleyball with CCVC Crushers, baseball, and basketball but these are not actually "school sports".

High schools[edit]


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