St. Louis Terriers all-time roster

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The following is a list of players and who appeared in at least one game for the St. Louis Terriers franchise of the Federal League, which existed from 1914 until 1915.


List of players[edit]

Player Position Seasons Notes Ref
Babe Borton
Al Boucher
Al Bridwell
Mordecai Brown † §
Harry Chapman
Pete Compton
Doc Crandall
Manuel Cueto
Dave Davenport
Charlie Deal
Delos Drake
Bob Groom
Grover Hartley
Ernie Herbert
Ernie Johnson
Fielder Jones §
Henry Keupper
La Rue Kirby
Fred Kommers
Art Kores
Armando Marsans
Joe Mathes
Hughie Miller
Ward Miller
John Misse
Eddie Plank
Mike Simon
Jack Tobin
Bobby Vaughn
Jimmy Walsh
Doc Watson
Ted Welch
Ed Willett
Tex Wisterzil

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