St George Hospital, Mumbai

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St George Hospital, Mumbai
St George Hospital, Mumbai is located in Maharashtra
St George Hospital, Mumbai
Shown in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates 18°56′25″N 72°50′16″E / 18.940385°N 72.837813°E / 18.940385; 72.837813Coordinates: 18°56′25″N 72°50′16″E / 18.940385°N 72.837813°E / 18.940385; 72.837813
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St George Hospital is a multispeciality hospital near the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), in the Fort district of Mumbai. It was also known as the European General Hospital as it initially catered for European patients only.

It is currently part of the Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. This is a free Hospital run by the Government of Maharashtra with around 460 beds capacity.[1]

St George Hospital Mumbai, circa 1900

The hospital is also associated with the Grant Medical College and both undergraduate and postgraduate students attend clinical attachments at the Hospital.

There is a ward dedicated to seamen in the Hospital. There is also a special ward in the hospital which is for Government officials and VIPs.[citation needed]


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