Stambermill Viaduct

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Stambermill Viaduct

Stambermill Viaduct is a viaduct situated in Stourbridge, West Midlands, England. It was constructed in 1850 to carry the Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway across the River Stour, and was open to passenger trains until 1964. It is still in use for goods trains, as the railway is still is use as far as Round Oak Steel Terminal at Brierley Hill (though trains have not travelled beyond that point since 1993). Freight trains can still be seen passing over the viaduct.

A reopening of the South Staffordshire Line between Dudley and Walsall, and thence over part of the disused OWWR to Stourbridge is planned for the 2010s, with Midland Metro trams sharing the line with freight trains. A business plan for the reopening of the line was submitted to Network Rail in March 2011.[1] In January 2012, plans surfaced to run a passenger service between Stourbridge Junction and Brierley Hill, with stations being re-opened along the route, including Brierley Hill. The service would be operated by railcars built by Parry People Movers, who built the Class 139 units which run the Stourbridge Town service.[2]

The viaduct was subject to six weeks of maintenance and improvement works in September 2013.[3]


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Coordinates: 52°27′27″N 2°08′03″W / 52.4574°N 2.1342°W / 52.4574; -2.1342