Stand Up (The Triffids song)

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"Stand Up"
Stand up (The Triffids song).jpg
Single by The Triffids
A-side "Stand Up"
B-side "Farmers Never Visit Nightclubs"
Released July 1981
Format 7" Vinyl Single
Recorded February 1981
Shelter Studios, Perth, Western Australia
Genre Folk rock
Length 4:15
Label Shake Some Action
Writer(s) David McComb
Producer(s) Peter Simpson
The Triffids singles chronology
Stand Up
Spanish Blue

Stand Up is the debut single released by Australian folk rock group, The Triffids in July 1981.[1][2] The production by Peter Simpson for the Shake Some Action label was the prize for the band winning a song competition in late 1980.[1] The competition was sponsored by the Western Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University) Student Guild’s radio show on 6NR (now Curtin FM).

The lyrics of the chorus exemplify a tone that singer-songwriter, David McComb, would pursue throughout his work.[3]

"...Stand up for your rights
Grab your baby and hold her tight
If she don't love you well it's OK
We're all gonna die anyway..."

McComb later said, "Most people preferred 'Farmers'. I guess people find that sort of thing zany. To this day we get people screaming out for that song when we play live."[4]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by David McComb.[5]

  1. "Stand Up" - 1:41
  2. "Farmers Never Visit Nightclubs" - 2:34


  • Robert McComb - guitar, vocals
  • David McComb - lead vocals, guitar
  • Will Akers - bass, vocals
  • Mark Peters - drums
  • Margaret Gillard - piano, organ, vocals


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