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Stand to Reason is a UK-based mental health charity which aims to raise the profile of people who are mentally ill, fight prejudice, establish rights and achieve equality.[1]

It is run by former corporate financier Jonathan Naess.[2][3]

Stand to Reason volunteers speak at conferences and awareness events and respond to media enquiries about mental health in the workplace.

Stand to Reason has a panel of volunteers from many walks of life who are happy to talk about their own mental health experiences and recovery to be stronger than before and to create a greater impact on the world.

Stand to Reason also helps to reduce stigma surrounding mental health by providing a variety of services to organisations including:

  • training line managers and HR teams in understanding, spotting and handling mental health in their teams
  • establishing peer support networks both within and across employers
  • offering public peer support workshops to help people stay at (or get back to) work following a mental health problem.

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