Stanhope Wood Nixon

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Stanhope Wood Nixon
Born (1894-04-01)April 1, 1894
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died January 12, 1958(1958-01-12) (aged 63)
East Brunswick Township, New Jersey
Education Yale University
Spouse(s) Doris Ryer (m. 1917–45)
Children Lewis Nixon III
Blanche Nixon
Parent(s) Lewis Nixon I
Sally Lewis Wood

Stanhope Wood Nixon (April 1, 1894 – January 12, 1958) was a vice president of the Nixon Nitration Works during the 1924 Nixon Nitration Works disaster.[1] He later became chairman of the board.[2]


He was the son of Lewis Nixon I and was born on April 1, 1894 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1902 or 1903 he was painted as a boy by the Swiss-born American artist Adolfo Müller-Ury (1862–1947) full-length dressed in Scottish costume (Private Collection, New Jersey).

He attended Yale University at the Sheffield Scientific School where he was arrested for assault in 1914 when he almost killed Edward H. Evrit with a large metal bolt.[3][4][5] He withdrew from Yale and never graduated. He married Doris Ryer in 1917 and had as their children, Lewis Nixon III and Blanche Nixon.[6][7]

He was a vice president of the Nixon Nitration Works during the 1924 Nixon Nitration Works disaster and his father was the president. Neither of them were present on the day of the explosion.[1]

He and his wife divorced in Palm Beach, Florida in 1945. Thereafter, he married Elizabeth Mulcahy.[2] He died on January 12, 1958, at his home in East Brunswick Township, New Jersey.[2]


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