Star Appeal (film)

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Star Appeal 星星相吸惜
(Mandarin name: Xingxing xiangxi xi)
Directed by Cui Zi'en
Written by Cui Zi'en
Starring Bo Yu
Guifeng Wang
Xiwen Zhang
Jian Hou
Music by Jian Zhang
Cinematography Zhang Huilin
Edited by Zheng Mao
Cuizi CV Studio
Distributed by dGenerate Films
Water Bearer Films
Release dates
Running time
86 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

Star Appeal (星星相吸惜) is a 2004 Chinese gay-themed science fiction film (first released for public exhibition in the United States in 2008), by Chinese film director Cui Zi'en. The film was recorded on video rather than film, using a series of long, static shots. The main characters are E.T. and his Chinese friend, Xiao Bo, and the film reveals the full-frontal nudity of both characters.[1]


The story revolves around a young man from the planet Mars, who is known as E.T., who arrives on Earth totally naked, and soon befriends a young Chinese man, Xiao Bo, who takes him home and teaches him several languages, mathematics, geography, world history, art and the natural sciences. The two become increasingly close, and eventually fall in love. The Chinese man is bisexual, and has both a boyfriend and girlfriend who befriend E.T., and also fall in love with him. The girl tries to conceive a baby with E.T., after which he falls into a coma.[2][3][4]


  • Bo Yu... Xiao Bo
  • Guifeng Wang ... E.T. (as Gui Feng Wang)
  • Xiwen Zhang ... Wen Wen (as Xi Wen Zhang)
  • Jian Hou ... Xiao Jian

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