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Promotion Poster for Star Boulevard

Star Boulevard (Traditional Chinese: 星光大道; Simplified Chinese: 星光大道; pinyin: xīng guāng dà dào) is a China's first TV musical series.[1] It is also called Walk of Fame. This 20-episode series, sponsored by Starlight International Media Co. Ltd, will feature some of Hong Kong's best including Jordan Chan, Eric Tsang and Ruby Lin. However, these stars will only be playing a supporting role because the real stars of the show are newcomers Huang Yida, Yang Ziting, Lu Jiejun and Li Xuan.[2]


  • Production company : Starlight International Media Co. Ltd
  • Country : China
  • Number of episodes : 20
  • Genre : Musical, Drama, Romance
  • Year Released : 2006
  • Original channel : CCTV
  • Directors : Andy Chin Wing-Keung, Raymond Yip Wai-Man


  • Jordan Chan as Wu Ku (chauvinist)
  • Ruby Lin as Mi Lu (music teacher)
  • Eric Tsang as Mr. Lu (Alan's father who has Alzheimer's Disease)
  • Huang Yida as Alan (aka Xiao Nu)
  • Yang Zi Ting as Man Yao
  • Lu Jie Jun
  • Li Xuan


Being a musical, the music in Star Boulevard is the key to its success. Singaporean music producers, brothers Lee Si Song and Lee Wei Song, were asked to contribute to the soundtrack. A total fifteen songs written by the Lees will be performed in the musical.


Star Boulevard is about a group of young university music students striving for their musical dreams, and in the end their dream of performing on stage is realized in Xing Guang Xing Yuan stepping onto their own star boulevard. The story starts in the piano workshop, born from there is Le Manyao (played by Yang Tzu Ting), who has an unimaginable perfect singing voice. During her childhood, because of a friend Xiao Nu's practical joke, she became a "stutterer." At this time Xiao Nu, due to a family situation, left home with his mother.

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