Star Collection (Iron Butterfly album)

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Star Collection
Star Collection (Iron Butterfly album).jpg
Compilation album by Iron Butterfly
Released 1973
Recorded 1967 and 1969
Genre Rock
Length 37:17
Label WEA Germany
Iron Butterfly chronology
Evolution: The Best of Iron Butterfly
Star Collection
Scorching Beauty

Star Collection is a German compilation album released in 1973. It includes songs from Iron Butterfly's first and third album: Heavy and Ball.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Get Out of My Life, Woman" (Allen Toussaint) – 3:58 (originally featured in Heavy)
  2. "So-Lo" (Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle) – 4:05 (originally featured in Heavy)
  3. "You Can't Win" (DeLoach, Danny Weis) – 2:41 (originally featured in Heavy)
  4. "Her Favorite Style" (Ingle) – 3:14 (originally featured in Ball)
  5. "It Must Be Love" (Ingle) – 4:26 (originally featured in Ball)
  6. "Iron Butterfly Theme" (Ingle) – 4:36 (originally featured in Heavy)
  7. "In the Time of Our Lives" (Ingle, Ron Bushy) – 4:52 (originally featured in Ball)
  8. "Lonely Boy" (Ingle) – 5:00 (originally featured in Ball)
  9. "Belda-Beast" (Erik Brann) – 5:45 (originally featured in Ball)

Band members[edit]