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Star Probe (1975)

Star Probe is a space game written by John Snider and published by TSR, Inc. in 1975. It consists of a 36 page rulebook with a map and counters. Prepublication play-testing was done by members of the MMSA. Artwork is by Paul Snider.


The object of the game is to discover new worlds with potential for colonization. Each player has a ship which he or she must equip with personnel, weapons, fuel, and rations. These are lost or consumed during the course of play. The star systems on the map have numbers indicating how far above or below the plane of the map they are; hence the ships are free to move in three dimensions. It is telling that later and more popular space games such as Imperium used a two dimensional representation of space.

The generic type (amoeboid, insect, feline, avian, and so on) of inhabitants on a planet can be determined by a roll of percentile dice—a similar system appears in Traveller. The rules can handle battles with hostile inhabitants, as well as spaceship battles between the players.


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