Star Wreck Roleplaying Game

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Star Wreck Roleplaying Game
Cover art
Designer(s) Mike Pohjola
Publisher(s) Energia Productions
Publication date 11 August, 2006
Genre(s) Comedy
Science fiction
System(s) Custom

Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is a Finnish role-playing game (RPG) set in the universe of the Star Wreck fan films. First published at Ropecon 2006, it is, as the designer has jokingly pointed out, the first Finnish RPG based on a movie franchise.

The game is set out to be, in addition to being a parody of the numerous Star Trek roleplaying games, a fully playable game in its own right. Its rule mechanics are built to emulate the setting of the films, with experienced characters becoming more heroically incompetent instead of getting better at their tasks as is the case in most mainstream games.

In contrast to ability scores that measure a character's strengths in traditional games, Star Wreck characters have Inability scores (Stupidity, Obliviousness, Clumsiness, Repulsiveness and Weakness) that they have to overcome in order to succeed at a given task. As opposed to character classes, the game has four general archetypes that correspond with various characters from the movies. They are Incompetent Idiot (Captain Pirk), Annoying Nerd (Info), Frustrated Grouch (Lt. Swagger) and Psychotic Loud-mouth (Lt. Dwarf)

Star Trek role-playing game designer Kenneth Hite chose Star Wreck to be the second best licensed role-playing game of the year 2006.[1]

The game is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, and was officially released into the Internet in August, 2007.[2] No further print editions of the game are planned once the first print run is exhausted.


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