Starchild (O.C. album)

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Studio album by O.C.
Released 2005
Recorded 2004-2005
Genre Hip hop
Length 48:02
Label Grit Records
Producer Soul Supreme
Statik Selektah
Floyd the Locsmif
O.C. chronology
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Smoke and Mirrors
(2005)Smoke and Mirrors2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
RapReviews 9/10 stars [1] 3.5/5 stars [2]

Starchild is an album released by D.I.T.C. member O.C. in early 2005 through Japanese based imprint Grit Records. First released in Japan, the album was planned for a US release but was shelved because of problems with sample clearances for several of the LP's songs. The limited copies that was pressed up (20,000) is since long out-of-stock though the album can be bought as downloadable MP3 files on sites such as Amazon (it should also be noted that even a used copy on sites such as or Amazon is rarely found).

Unlike O.C.'s previous two LPs, Starchild does not feature any guestspots at all (Pharoahe Monch is featured on the first song "Evaride" but only sings the hook) and was also his first album to not feature any production or help from his crewmembers in D.I.T.C. (especially producer Buckwild has been a driving force in all three previous O.C. projects to this). Instead O.C. tried to go for a new sound with talented but more-or-less unknown producers, with Vanguard, Floyd the Locsmif (credited as "Locsmif") and Swedish Soul Supreme each offering a string of soulful boom-bap tracks. Starchild also features much scratching and cuts in true hip-hop fashion, these are performed by DJ Revolution and DJ Statik Selektah (who also produces the albums "Intro" and "Outro").

After Starchild, one of the most bootlegged albums of the year, was revealed to be shelved and never released in the United States talk about a modified version started circulating. This version would feature a few of the original songs, while others would be remixed by the likes of Pete Rock (who's 2 of his remixes was up on his Myspace a while back) and Diamond D. The album has yet to materialize.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Intro" Statik Selektah O.C.
2 "Evaridae" Floyd the Locsmif O.C., Pharoahe Monch
3 "Who Run It?" Floyd the Locsmif O.C.
4 "The Professional" Vanguard O.C.
5 "1nce Again" Soul Supreme O.C.
6 "Ya Don't Stop" Soul Supreme O.C.
7 "Story To Tell" Vanguard O.C.
8 "What Am I Supposed To Do?" Soul Supreme O.C.
9 "Getaway" Vanguard O.C.
10 "Memory Lane" Soul Supreme O.C.
11 "Special" Soul Supreme O.C.
12 "Who Run It? (Remix)" Floyd the Locsmif O.C.
13 "Outro" Statik Selektah O.C.


  • "1nce Again"
  • "Getaway"
  • "Special"
  • "Story to Tell"
  • "The Professional"
  • "What Am I Supposed to Do?"
  • "Ya Don't Stop"
  • "Memory Lane"
    • "Remember the Pain" by 21st Century