Starmind International

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Starmind International
Incorporated Company
Industry Computer software
Founded Zurich, Switzerland (June 4, 2010)
Headquarters Küsnacht (ZH), Switzerland
Key people
Pascal Kaufmann (Founder & CEO)
Marc Vontobel (Founder & CTO)
Martin Korbmacher (President of Board)

Starmind International is a software company based in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Starmind supplies a productivity tool, allowing mapping and visualizing know-how within a company.


Starmind can be accessed through a web browser and smart phones, providing organizations real-time access to their internal expertise. Within companies Starmind is also labelled as "The Brain”, "Ask the Brain" or "Company Brain". This know-how management is based on Brain Technology.[1][2][3]


Starmind was founded by Pascal Kaufmann and Marc Vontobel at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Zurich University. The algorithm was developed using insights from Artificial Intelligence and neuroscientific research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and is based on virtual neural tissue and self-learning neural networks studies. In 2012, Siemens Awarded Starmind with the title “company to watch”,[4][5] which resulted in extensive media coverage.[6] In 2013 Starmind was nominated for various awards in Switzerland as well as internationally.[7] On November 12, 2013, Starmind International AG won the Swiss ICT Award in the Newcomer Category.[8]




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