Stara Zagora Red

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Stara Zagora Red
Червена Старозагорска кокошка.jpg
Conservation status SAVE, 2009: critical[1]
Other names
  • Bulgarian: Старозагорска червена кокошка
  • Starozagorska chervena kokoshka[2]
  • Starozagorska Red Hen[1]
Country of origin Bulgaria
Use eggs
  • Male: 3–3.5 kg[1]
  • Female: 2.3–2.5 kg[1]
Skin color yellow[2]
Egg color brown[2]

The Stara Zagora Red (Bulgarian: Старозагорска червена кокошка, Starozagorska chervena kokoshka) is a Bulgarian breed of domestic chicken from the oblast of Stara Zagora, in the central-southern part of the country. In the mid-20th century local chickens of Stara Zagora were crossed with Rhode Island Red chickens.[1][3]


The Stara Zagora Red breed was created in about 1970 by cross-breeding local hens of the region, of various colours, with Rhode Island Red cocks.[2][4] The red colour became fully established after the second generation. The initial results were published in 1969.[4]

Nowadays it is considered to be a rare breed. Its conservation status was listed as "critical" by the SAVE Foundation in 2009.[1] It is kept by Bulgarian Poultry Institute in Stara Zagora and a few Bulgarian breeders, members of the Bulgarian Poultry Breeders Association.[citation needed] In 2013 the total number for the breed reported to DAD-IS was 360.[2]


The Stara Zagora Red is a medium-built bird with bright red feathering, a broad straight back, full breast and well-developed wattles and comb.[4] Cocks weigh about 3–3.5 kg and hens 2.3–2.5 kg. Hens start laying at about 165 days, and lay 215–220 brown eggs per year, with a weight of 55–60 g.[1][2]


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