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Startup Digest
Type of site
email newsletter
Available inEnglish
OwnerChristopher McCann, Brendan McManus via Techstars Central LLC
Alexa rank58,727
Current statusActive

Startup Digest is a media company that publishes curated email newsletters on startup events and educational content in more than 300 cities.[1][2][3] Startup Digest was founded by Christopher McCann and Brendan McManus in 2009.[4]


After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with an entrepreneurship degree in June 2009, McCann moved to Silicon Valley to work with Plug and Play Tech Center.[1][4] McCann didn’t know anyone in the area and started going to tech events to meet people.[5] He began compiling his own personal list of the best events in Silicon Valley and in November 2009, sent this list in an email to 22 friends.[5]

McCann and his roommate, Brendan McManus, co-founded Startup Digest after the first email.[1][6] Within 90 days, their list grew from 22 people to 12,000.[7] They took $25,000 in initial funding, and by the end of the first year, their list reached 100,000 subscribers.[4][8][9] In March 2011, they received an additional $200,000 in funding from the Kauffman Foundation.[10] Currently, Startup Digest has more than 430,000 subscribers.[11]

Startup Digest was acquired by Startup Weekend in October 2012.[12]


Startup Digest is a weekly curated email newsletter. The newsletter contains startup and tech related events in local communities; currently, Startup Digest operates in more than 300 cities all over the world.

Startup Digest used to generate revenue from a VIP program.[7] The company currently has 500 curators across the world.[2][5]


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