State Central Library, Kerala

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State Central Library, Kerala
Established 1829 AD
Location Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Flag of India.svg
8°30′23″N 76°57′08″E / 8.506392°N 76.952244°E / 8.506392; 76.952244Coordinates: 8°30′23″N 76°57′08″E / 8.506392°N 76.952244°E / 8.506392; 76.952244

State Central Library of Kerala is also known as Trivandrum Public Library.It is situated at the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city, the capital of Kerala. It is the first public library in India.


The Library was established in the year A.D. 1829 during the reign of King Swathi Thirunal of Travancore. The work of starting and organising the Library was entrusted to Col. Edward Cadogan, then the British Resident who was the grand son of Sir Hans Sloane, the founder of the British Museum. Col. Cadogan was the first president of the Trivandrum Public Library committee, which managed the affairs of the Library. At that time, only a privileged class who were called to attend the Durbar of His Highness the Maharaja was allowed admission to the Library. The Library was then known as “Trivandrum People’s Library”.

Other landmarks in the history of library are:

  • 1898 AD - The assets of Trivandrum People’s Library were transferred to the administrative control of Government and was opened to the public.
  • 1900 AD - His Highness Sree Moolam Thirunal constructed the present building for housing the library, which is an architectural beauty in the Gothic style, in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.
  • 1938 AD - The administration of the Trivandrum Public Library was handed over to University of Travancore (now University of Kerala).
  • 1948 - The State Government was directed to take over the administration of the Library from the University by a resolution of the State Legislature.
  • 1958 - The Library was declared as the ‘State Central Library’ of Kerala.
  • 1988 - The library was given the status of a minor department under the administrative control of Higher Education Department of Government of Kerala.
  • 2005 - A New Heritage Model building was constructed within the campus for Children's Library.
  • 2007- Online reservation and RF ID facility is introduced

Sections in Library[edit]

1. Technical Section

2. Circulation Section (Books & Periodicals)

3. English Section

4. Malayalam Section

5. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / Section

6. Reference Section

7. Children's Section

8. Binding Section

9. Reprographic Section

10. Closed Reference Section

11. Member's Reading Room (For A & B Member's only)

12. General Reading Room (For C & D Member's & Non Member's)

13. Cash Section

14. Administrative Office

15. Internet Browsing Centre

16. Kerala Gazette Section

17. Multimedia Section

18. Digital Library

19. British Library Collection

Digital Library[edit]

Library has a digital collection in searchable format of 709 books, in English and Malayalam.

Children's library[edit]

The New Heritage Model building within the campus is devoted for Children's library. A multimedia Section is also functioning in this building.

The library is also conducting a certificate course in Library and information science.


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