State of the Art (Presto album)

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State of the Art
Studio album by Presto
Released June 17, 2008
Genre Hip hop
Length 58:19
Label Concrete Grooves, Distribution by Fat Beats (US), Mic Life Records (Japan)
Producer Presto

State of the Art is the third full-length album released by Los Angeles-based hip hop producer Chris "Presto" Douglas. The album was released worldwide on June 17, 2008 on Concrete Grooves and Distributed by Fat Beats (US) and by Mic Life Records in Japan. The album was given a "Three Mic" rating in The Source's "Record Report" (July 8) and has been well received by most critics.

The Album features artists such as; Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Large Professor (Main Source), O.C., Blu, T-Weaponz, LOWD, Mhax Montes (3rd Khind), Rashaan Ahmad, Wayward Saints, J Theory (3rd Khind), Fatlip (The Pharcyde), Kim Hill (former member of The Black Eyed Peas), CL Smooth (Pete Rock & CL Smooth), Dhurti Whoutr, Trek Life, IN-Q, Presto himself as well production by Large Professor Conquer Mentally (Remix).

The 12" Vinyl version of State of the Art is an EP and contains only 6 songs. There was also a limited promotional CD released with the full CD version of State of the Art with unreleased and re-released instrumentals from Presto. The Japanese release bears a different cover design and remixes not featured on US LP.

Track list (US CD)[edit]

  1. "Listen"
  2. "Conquer Mentally" (feat. Sadat X, O.C. & Large Professor)
  3. "Street Sport" (feat. Ark from T Weaponz)
  4. "Pour Another Glass" (feat. Blu)
  5. "On" (feat. LOWD)
  6. "The Pressure" (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
  7. "Higher" (feat. Mhax Montes)
  8. "Altered States" (feat. Wayward Saints)
  9. "Mass Quality" (feat. J Theory)
  10. "What’s What" (feat. Fatlip & Kim Hill)
  11. "Feel Me" (feat. T Weaponz)
  12. "Part of Greatness" (feat. CL Smooth)
  13. "Let It Circulate" (feat. Dhurti Whoutr)
  14. "Plain Jane" (feat. Kim Hill)
  15. "Go" (feat. Trek Life)
  16. "Still Here" (feat. IN-Q)
  17. "Outro"
  18. "Conquer Mentally" (Large Professor remix)

Track List (EP)[edit]

  1. Conquer Mentally (feat. Sadat X / OC / Large Professor)
  2. Conquer Mentally (Large Professor Remix) (feat. Sadat X / OC / Large Professor)
  3. On (feat. LOWD)
  4. Part Of Greatness (feat. CL Smooth)
  5. Street Sport (feat. Ark (of T Weaponz)
  6. Pour Another Glass (feat. Blu)


The Compact Disc version of State of the Art is sold with a video disc which contains the video for "Conquer Mentally". The video which includes ONLY the verses from Sadat X and Large Professor before it cuts to "On" featuring LOWD (track number 5 on the US release) which only plays for one verse before fading out. Other artists featured on the album can be seen on miscellaneous billboards, benches and backgrounds during the video which is mostly computer animated. The video, created by Jake York and Marcos Ponce, is also played on YouTube and rumored to be in rotation on MTV/MTV2.