Stealing of Northern State Treasury

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The Stealing of Northern State Treasury (Albanian: Grabitja e Thesarit të Veriut) was stolen by force from the Treasury building in Shkodër in March 1997. The amount of money stolen was approximately 6 million U.S. dollars. The event was described as the one of the greatest robberies in the history of the Balkans.

The event[edit]

The incident happened in March 1997 in Shkodër, when a group of six people attacked the fortified building of the State Treasury with an antitank weapon. The total amount of money that was inside the building was $ 8 million, but the robbers only managed to get 6 million. Arrived at the scene of the few police forces, who took control of the remaining treasure. Six robbers were seen by several witnesses meeting at the outskirts of Shkodër, where the money was divided by the robbers.


After the robbery, the police and investigators began investigations in Shkodër. Group investigations were staffed by a limited number of investigators. In the spring of 1998, after more than a year of investigations the investigators closed the file and it was given to the police for further investigation. The perpetrators of this crime are still unknown to this day.