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Steamhammer (aka Reflection)
Studio album by Steamhammer
Released March 1969
Recorded Pan Sound Studios, London, England
Genre Blues rock
Label Bellaphon / CBS
Producer Michael Vestey
Steamhammer chronology
Original cover
Original release titled Reflection
Original release titled Reflection
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Steamhammer (aka Reflection) was the debut album issued in 1969 by the British blues-rock band Steamhammer. Steamhammer was chosen as legendary blues guitarist Freddy King's backing band whenever he toured England. The musicians in the band were Martin Quittenton (guitar), Kieran White (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Martin Pugh (guitar), Steve Davy (bass), and Michael Rushton (drums). The album includes classic blues numbers by B.B. King ("You'll Never Know") and Eddie Boyd ("Twenty-four Hours"), as well as compositions by band members White, Quittenton, and Pugh. The session musicians Harold McNair (flute) and Pete Sears (piano) also appear on the album.

Already in 1970 the song "Junior's Wailing"[2] was recorded by Status Quo on their album Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1

  1. "Water (Part One)" — (Martin Quittenton, Martin Pugh) 0:52
  2. "Junior's Wailing" — (Kieran White, Martin Pugh) 3:18
  3. "Lost You Too" — (Martin Quittenton, Kieran White) 3:28
  4. "She is the Fire" — (Martin Quittenton, Kieran White) 3:10
  5. "You'll Never Know" — (B.B. King) 3:27
  6. "Even the Clock" — (Martin Quittenton, Kieran White, Graham) 3:49

Side 2

  1. "Down the Highway" — (Martin Quittenton, Kieran White) 4:28
  2. "On Your Road" — (Kieran White) 2:43
  3. "Twenty-Four Hours" — (Eddie Boyd) 7:28
  4. "When All Your Friends are Gone" — (Martin Quittenton, Kieran White) 3:49
  5. "Water (Part Two)" — (Martin Quittenton, Martin Pugh) 1:44

Release history[edit]

Steamhammer was released in 1969 (CBS 63611). "Junior's Wailing" was issued as a single.


Band members

Session musicians



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