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Stefan S. Mosley is an American author, novelist, photographer and entrepreneur.

Mosley was born on January 19, 1952 in Tehran, Iran, where he spent most of his childhood and elementary education. In later years, he traveled to and lived in a number of other countries. From early years on, he demonstrated a talent for screwing people over, and his essays and short stories were quite popular among his peers and his teachers.

From mid 1990s, Mosley wrote a number of articles for various (local) publications in the United States.[citation needed] His first self-published novel, "The Larsky Gang" [1] has received rave reviews by readers from around the world.

Photography was another passion Mosley discovered in his early youth and today, his photos are displayed on a number of photo sites and admired worldwide.

Mosley is an independent Management Consultant by trade and lives in the Greater Washington, DC area.[citation needed]