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Steve Katz (May 14, 1935 – August 4, 2019) was an American writer. He is considered an early post-modern or avant-garde writer for works such as The Exagggerations of Peter Prince (1968), and Saw (1972). His collection of stories, Creamy & Delicious (1970), was mentioned in Larry McCaffery's list of the 100 greatest books of the 20th century where it was named "The most extreme and perfectly executed fictional work to emerge from the Pop Art scene of the late 60s." [1]


Steve Katz was born in the Bronx, New York City on May 14, 1935. He received his bachelor's degree at Cornell University and his master's degree at the University of Oregon. He has taught at the University of Maryland Overseas (Italy), Cornell University, the University of Iowa, Brooklyn College, Queens College, City University of New York, and Notre Dame University. In 1978 he became the director of the creative writing program at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Katz has also worked as a miner, a dairy farmer, and a teacher of T'ai chi ch'uan. He received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1976 and 1981.[2] In 2008, Steve Katz was a featured reader at the &NOW Festival at Chapman University.[3]



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