Steve Luongo

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Steve Luongo
Born (1952-09-21) September 21, 1952 (age 64)
Westchester, New York
Genres Rock, Pop Rock
Occupation(s) Musician, producer, songwriter, film maker
Instruments Drums, vocals
Years active 1958–present
Associated acts The John Entwistle Band, Ann Wilson, Billy Squier, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Walsh, Alan Parsons, the Robin Zander Band, Torque

Steve Luongo is an internationally recognized musician, singer, songwriter and record producer who hails from Westchester, New York.

Early career: Steve was one of the founding members of the New York based rock group Rat Race Choir in 1968. He was a pioneer of electronic percussion in the early 70s. Luongo performed extended drum solos on a massive kit including a prototype of the Moog Synthesizer Drum.

Steve Luongo has produced, performed and recorded with several well-known artists including Leslie West of Mountain, John Entwistle of The Who, Alan Parsons, Todd Rundgren, Heart's Ann Wilson, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Walsh and Billy Squier. The most prolific and significant of all was his work with John Entwistle best known as the iconic bass guitarist for The Who. The two musicians became the best of friends. Luongo produced, performed, co-wrote and toured with The John Entwistle Band until Entwistle's death in 2002. Their last live performance together was in Japan during the A Walk Down Abbey Road tour. Later that year he was invited by The Who, and Entwistle's family to write and read the eulogy at Entwiste's memorial service in London.

Late in 2001 Steve and fellow Rat Race Choir member, guitarist Mark Hitt formed the progressive rock band TorQue. The two musicians co-wrote 11 songs for the debut album titled TorQue 103103. Luongo served as producer, lead vocalist and drummer. Steve has said that 103103 is among his proudest musical achievements.

Most recently Luongo began a new musical partnership with Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander by forming The Robin Zander Band, featuring Mark Hitt on guitar. Zander and Luongo have been friends and musical allies for many years. Zander was among the first to be asked to appear in Luongo's documentary film about the late John Entwistle.

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