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Sticky TV is a New Zealand children's programme created by Pickled Possum Productions that has been on New Zealand screens since 2002. It aired on TV3 from 2002–11, before moving to FOUR, until July 2016 when it moved back to Three. Hosted by multiple personalities over the years, the presenters as of the end of the show (22 December 2017) are Walter Neilands and Leanna Cooper. Past presenters have made names for themselves on a national level with Drew Neemia, Kanoa Lloyd, Sam Wallace and Julia Wright four of the most recognizable names.

The show has gone through many transformations over the years but was originally filmed in a studio. The show was then filmed in a park, a separate studio, a rented house and then on a fictional farm, named the "Sticky Farm", before moving into a Warehouse. Sticky TV was cancelled on 22 December 2017. The final episode aired at 7am on Christmas day 2017, and was a special containing a special farewell tribute to the show. The 3:20/3:30 timeslot was first taken over by Now That's Funny, then Family Feud (Australia version), before Celeberty Name Game later which aired 2 episodes at 3pm and 3:30pm.


Name Year started Year Ended
Walter Neilands 2010 2018
Leanna Cooper 2013 2017
Paul 'Sticky' Delamere 2002 2003
Anna Hart 2002 2003
Sam Wallace 2004 2010
Julia Wright 2004 2007
Drew Neemia 2006 2009
Erin Simpson 2007 2008
Geoff Bell 2009 2010
Kanoa Lloyd 2009 2012
Monika Barton 2011 2012
Gerard Seth 2011 2014
Jah Paki 2015 2017


Sticky TV has numerous segments including teenage issues, cooking, fashion, and obstacle courses segments. They have recently created a Relaxation Station with a pond and chairs.


Testers was a segment about testing different things at once. It started around 2015 and tests were done with Harlan and Star about mostly food and lifestyle stuff. Ended 25 December 2017 (Special Episode)

What Would You Do?[edit]

What Would You Do was a segment of Sticky TV about teenage issues, including relationships, bullying, school, other life issues. Viewers can send in a question to be discussed on the show by a group of teenagers who have been selected to host the segment. Ended 25 December 2017 (Special Episode)

Quiz Caravan[edit]

Quiz Caravan started in 2011 where players will answer 10 questions and win a prize. In 2014, it changed to having 7 questions and win 2 prizes. Ended December 2017

Fashion Camp[edit]

Fashion Camp first aired in 2008, where two teams of three competing to win a prize by designing the best outfit. Themes for the clothing have included Futuristic and Rockstar. Ended November or DecemBer 2008

Survival Camp[edit]

Survival Camp first aired early in 2008 with two teams, one team of boys and one team of girls. In Survival Camp the teams take on challenges such as a High Ropes course, Raft and Bivouac building. It changed in 2009 to having twenty teams of two. Ended November or December 2009

Swaz or Swap[edit]

Swaz or Swap is a segment with 10 primary or intermediate students in a competition to get the chance to either get a prize (swaz), or take the money (swap).

Swaz or Swap works by getting a contestant to answer a question, if they answer incorrectly, they are out. If they choose correctly, they get to spin the 'Wheel of Swaz or Swap' which has a variety of cash prizes to win, as well as other prizes underneath the cash prize. The contestant can pick to either take the cash or the hidden prize underneath the cash prize. End date unknown

Cooking Camp[edit]

Cooking Camp was a segment on Sticky TV in 2009-10. Cooking Camp is set up with two teams of three in a cook-off for presentation, taste and menu organisation by an AUT chef. In 2010, it changed to having the teams making meals for judges of 4 who are on blind dates. Ended Late 2010

Kick It[edit]

Kick It was a segment on Sticky TV in 2008. In Kick It, 4 people in teams of 2 are given clues as to where to go around Auckland, and find places and clues until the final leg where the winning team will be determined. Ended November or December 2008

Sticky Stars Karaoke[edit]

Sticky Stars Karaoke was a segment that was in 2010 were people all over New Zealand would sing some karaoke, people would then vote for their favorites to go to the next round. The winner was Daniel Park. Ended mid or late 2010

Sticky Stars Duets[edit]

Sticky Stars Duets' was the 2011 successor to Sticky Stars Karaoke. The setup was much as the same as the previous segment, with two performers per act instead of one. Ended mid or late 2011

The Mud Pit[edit]

The Mud Pit was a segment on Sticky TV in 2011. 20 contestants battle it out to become the last one standing. Their reward? Getting into the Mudpit with the chance of winning the most epic of prizes! Ended Late 2011

Sticky Investigation[edit]

Sticky I was on air for one year(2008) where there was a small mystery in which two teams consisting of 2-3 people had to solve. They were able to look at a still scene of the crime in which the teams had to look for clues. The team that solved the crime first correctly was the winner. Ended Spring 2008/ Summer 2008/2009

Sticky Diner[edit]

Sticky Diner is a segment of Sticky TV which started airing after cooking camp was over. It started off as 4-5 teams but has now been changed to two teams. Sticky Diner started off similar to My Kitchen Rules as each team rated their meals to get an overall team score and then the presenter would also give them a score for the final score. It is now worked a bit like the My Kitchen Rules finals as there is only two teams and it is the presenters and guest judges who decide who wins. End date unknown

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