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The Stilklassen (German, lit. "style classes") are located in two schools in Berndorf, Lower Austria.


After a two-year construction phase, the schools were opened in 1909. What is special about these schools is their furnishing, which was funded by Arthur Krupp. The architect of these unique buildings is Ludwig Baumann. Each of the classrooms is furnished and designed in a different historical style. Krupp's aim was to teach his workers' children the knowledge about foreign cultures that he was able to obtain on his journeys.

The Classrooms[edit]

Interesting facts[edit]

Even in Krupp's time, when the schools were founded, parents were concerned that the pupils might be distracted by the colours and ornaments.

Additionally to this extravagant interior design, Krupp also provided the school with a central heating system, showers and a dental surgery, which was paid for by Krupp himself for a year.

Nowadays, these two buildings do not only still serve as schools but also as tourist attractions.


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