Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou

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Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou
Στην Αυλή του Παράδεισου
Studio album by Despina Vandi
Released December 20, 2004
(see release history)
Recorded 2004-2005, Sierra Studios
Genre Contemporary laïka, laïka, pop, dance
Length 61:30 (Original edition)
Language Greek
Label Heaven Music
Producer Phoebus
Despina Vandi chronology
Ta Laïka Tis Despinas
Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou
Come Along Now
Alternative covers
The Garden of Eden cover
The Garden of Eden cover
Special Edition cover
Special Edition cover
Singles from Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou
  1. "Happy End"
    Released: November 2004
  2. "Na Ti Herese"
    Released: February 2005
  3. "Stin Avli Tou Paradisou"
    Released: June 2005
  4. "Jambi"
    Released: December 2005
  5. "Amane"
    Released: February 2006

Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou (Greek: Στην Αυλή του Παράδεισου; English: In the Garden of Eden) is the sixth studio album by Greek singer Despina Vandi. It was released in Greece in 2004 by Heaven Music. Following Stin Tou Paradisou's platinum status, it was re-released with four new songs and a bonus DVD, and renamed Special Edition: Stin Avli Tou Paradisou in December 2005. With the combination of both releases, the album went 2x Platinum in Greece.

Stin Avli Tou Paradisou and its re-release Special Edition: Stin Avli Tou Paradisou, won Despina Vandi six awards over two years at Mad Video Music Awards. Τhe first three awards were given to Vandi at the 2005 awards while the second three were awarded at the 2006 awards. Having won three each year made Vandi the artist with the most awards at both award shows.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Original edition
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Happy End" Phoebus Phoebus 5:34
2. "Akatamahiti Elksi" (Ακαταμάχητη έλξη; Irresistible attraction) Phoebus Phoebus 4:20
3. "Na Ti Herese" (Να τη χαίρεσαι; Be happy!) Phoebus Phoebus 4:54
4. "Louloudi Mou" (Λουλούδι μου; My flower) Phoebus Phoebus 5:20
5. "Pethanes" (Πέθανες; You died) Phoebus Phoebus 4:27
6. "To Proto Mas Fili" (Το πρώτο μας φιλί; Our first kiss) Natalia Germanou Phoebus 4:36
7. "Prosefhome" (Προσεύχομαι; I pray) Phoebus Phoebus 4:53
8. "Aharisti Ke Alitissa (feat. Vasilis Karras)" (Αχάριστη και αλήτισσα; Ungrateful and tramp) Phoebus Phoebus 5:12
9. "I Horismeni" (Οι χωρισμένοι; Separated) Phoebus Phoebus 3:35
10. "Stin Avli Tou Paradisou" (Στην αυλή του Παραδείσου; In the Garden of Paradise) Phoebus Phoebus 4:55
11. "Kanto An M' Agapas (feat. Thanos Petrelis)" (Κάντο αν μ' αγαπάς; Do it if you love me) Natalia Germanou Phoebus 5:25
12. "Outro (Pinasmeni)" (Outro (Πεινασμένοι); Outro (Hungry)) Phoebus Phoebus 8:19
Total length: 61:30


"Happy End"

"Happy End" was the lead single from the album. The music video was directed by Kapetanidis and won a MAD Video Music Award for "Best Contemporary Laiko Video".

"Na Ti Herese"

The second single from the album was "Na Ti Herese". The music video was directed by Kostas Kapetanidis.

"Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou"

"Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou" was the third and final single from the original album. The animated music video was directed by Kapetanidis and won MAD Video Music Awards for "Best Contemporary Laiko Video" and "Best Direction".


"Jambi was the fourth single from the album and the first from the Special Edition. The music video was directed by Kapetanidis.


"Amane" was the fifth and final single from the album and is a blend of contemporary laiko and hip hop in a vocal duet between Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis. The music video was directed by Nikos Soulis and also features actress Katiana Balanika.

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Version
Greece December 20, 2004 Heaven Music CD Original release
Cyprus December 20, 2004 Heaven Music CD Original release
Greece December 7, 2005 Heaven Music CD, digital download[3] Special Edition Re-release
Cyprus December 7, 2005 Heaven Music CD, digital download Special Edition Re-release


Stin Avli Tou Paradisou was successful in Greece, where it charted for 58 weeks, peaking at number one certifying platinum in its first week of release.[4] It soon went twice platinum,[5] and was certified Platinum in Cyprus too.

Chart Peak position Weeks Certification
Greek Albums Chart 1 58 2x Platinum
Cypriot Albums Chart 1 Platinum

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[6]

Official remixes[edit]


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