Stine Andresen

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Stine Andresen
Andresen (ca. 1890)
Born Stine Jürgens
Boldixum, Föhr, North Frisia
Died 1927
Wyk auf Föhr
Resting place Wyk auf Föhr
Occupation Poet
Language German, Fering
Nationality Danish, Prussian, German
Ethnicity Frisian
Genre Poetry, prose

Stine Andresen (née Jürgens) (1849–1927) was a German poet from the North Frisian island of Föhr. Her lyrics often refer to her native island. In addition to poems in German, she also wrote some poetry in Fering North Frisian.

Life and opus[edit]

Stine Andresen was born to farmer Jürgen Erich Jürgens in Boldixum (now a part of Wyk auf Föhr) and spent most of her life there. Her mother died early. Andresen attended grammar school in Boldixum and improved her education by reading. Quite early she used to write occasional poems which were recited upon festivities. She was friendly with the family of poet Friedrich Hebbel and after his death worked as a secretary for Hebbel's widow Christine for some time.

In 1875 she married miller Emil Andresen who died during the 1890s. Already in 1893 poems by Stine Andresen were printed and published. When her financial situation worsened due to the death of her husband, the author Karl Schrattenthal supported her by reprinting her works.

Reception and aftermath[edit]

Two of her works were set to music for choir by composer Ferdinand Thieriot. The town of Wyk auf Föhr named a street "Stine-Andresen-Weg".


  • 1917 - Friedrich Hebbel Prize
  • 1918 - Friedrich Hebbel Prize (together with Hans Groß)
  • 1919 - Friedrich Hebbel Prize (together with Hans Groß)
  • 1920 - Friedrich Hebbel Prize (together with Hans Groß)

Selected works[edit]

  • Schrattenthal, K., ed. (1896). Gesammelte Gedichte [Collection of Poems] (3rd ed.). 
  • Enziana - Ein Blumenmärchen [Enziana - a Flower's Tale]. Nordfriesische Verlagsanstalt. 
  • Neue Gedichte [New Poems]. Buchhandlung der Anstalt Bethel. 1903. 
  • Gedichte aus dem bisher unveröffentlichten Nachlaß der inselfriesischen Dichterin [Poems from the previously unpublished Estate of the Insular-Frisian Poet]. Nordfriesische Verlagsanstalt Carl Meyer. 1930. 


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