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Stjørdalselva at Hegra (2014).jpg
View of the river at Hegra
Stjørdalselva is located in Trøndelag
Location of the river
Stjørdalselva is located in Norway
Stjørdalselva (Norway)
Country Norway
County Trøndelag
Municipality Meråker and Stjørdal
Physical characteristics
Main source Confluence of the rivers
Dalåa and Torsbjørka
Meråker, Trøndelag, Norway
120 metres (390 ft)
63°24′24″N 11°44′38″E / 63.40667°N 11.74389°E / 63.40667; 11.74389
River mouth Trondheimsfjord
Stjørdal, Trøndelag, Norway
0 metres (0 ft)
63°26′50″N 10°54′24″E / 63.44722°N 10.90667°E / 63.44722; 10.90667Coordinates: 63°26′50″N 10°54′24″E / 63.44722°N 10.90667°E / 63.44722; 10.90667
Length 70 km (43 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 2,111 km2 (815 sq mi)
  • Left:
    Kåpperåa, Funna, Forra
  • Right:
    Dalåa, Torsbjørka, Sona

Stjørdalselva (English: Stjørdal River) is a 70-kilometre (43 mi) long river that reaches from near the NorwegianSwedish border down the Stjørdalen valley through the municipalities of Meråker and Stjørdal before entering the Trondheimsfjord. The mouth is located between the villages of Stjørdalshalsen and Hell just south of Trondheim Airport, Værnes. The mouth of the river was moved to allow the runway to expand into the delta.[1]

Stjørdalen valley with Stjørdalselva

The European route E14 highway and the Meråker Line railway follow the river from its source the entire length of the river.


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