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Industry Stock Market Analysis
Founded 2011
Headquarters New York
Key people
Jennifer Johnson
Products StockTouch

StockTouch is a visual stock market analysis and tracking app for iPad and iPhone developed by Visible Market, Inc.[1][2]

StockTouch is noted for its intuitive, vibrant, game-like interface, is consistently rated in the top finance apps for iPad, and has been recognized as one of the top 5 stock market apps.[3][4][5][6]


StockTouch was created to give users a visual picture of the overall state of the stock market.[7] It merges real time financial information with data visualization technology.[1][8] Visible Market is a New York-based company.[9][10][11]

The concept for the app was based on a desire to clarify vast amounts of financial data.[8][12] The developers noticed a trend among business professionals to move away from desktop tools and towards mobile ones.[10] In response, they initiated the creation of a different, non-linear app which would visually track stock market trends.[3][13] StockTouch was intended as a platform that provided “democratized” financial information for making the stock market more accessible to the general public.[12][14] To that end, Visible Market was a forerunner among tech companies to use game engine technology and animation in the design of its mobile app, with the goal of helping users to visualize and navigate financial data.[15][16]

StockTouch debuted on June 29, 2011 at a cost of $4.99.[1][12] It spent several weeks as the most downloaded paid financial app.[12][17] In order to reach an even wider audience, Johnson announced that with the launch of StockTouch 1.9, the app would be available for free beginning in April 2013.[1][18]

On September 1, 2016, the app relaunched only to shut down again on Q1 of 2017. [19]


The StockTouch app provides a dynamic, “at-a-glance” portrait of the stock market.[12][20] The user is initially presented with a screen of organized tiles representing a “tactile heat map” of stock activity.[9][13][21] It tracks thousands of stocks, organized into nine industry sectors: Consumer, Services, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Financial, Industrial, Materials, and Utilities.[9][22] Users touch the individual tiles, each with a color corresponding to the stock’s degree of positive or negative performance.[9][13][20] Selecting a tile displays “everything about that stock,” including user-specified time graphs and relevant news items.[9][13] Stock information is refreshed every five minutes, provided in partnership with Xignite.[10][23] StockTouch is hosted on AWS and is used by Wall Street traders, executives, investors and academics.[10][24]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Reached #1 in Finance Apps, iPad, April 3, 2013[17]
  • App Store Essentials App, 2013[25]
  • Reached #2 in Finance Apps, iPhone, October 5, 2012[17]
  • Apple Rewind, “#1 finance app,” 2011[9][14]
  • Apps Magazine, “Best Work App,” 2011[26]
  • One of “Best 10 Business Apps for iPad”[27]
  • Visible Market, Inc. selected as FinTech Innovation Lab incubator company, 2012[28]
  • Apple Hall of Fame App, December 2012

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