Stone Cold (Swindells novel)

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Stone Cold
Stone Cold cover.jpg
First edition
Author Robert Swindells
Cover artist Paul Hunt.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction, realist novel, horror
Publisher Heinemann
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 132 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-241-13300-9
OCLC 31627736

Stone Cold is a realistic young-adult novel by Robert Swindells, published by Heinemann in 1993. Set on the streets of London, the first-person narrative switches between Link, a newly homeless sixteen-year-old adjusting to his situation, and Shelter, an ex-army officer scorned after being dismissed from his job, supposedly on 'medical grounds'.

Swindells won the annual Carnegie Medal recognising the year's best children's book by a British subject[1]

WorldCat participating libraries report holding Danish, German, Catalan, Slovenian, and Korean-language editions.[2]


In 1997, the novel was adapted for a television series of the same title, starring James Gaddas, Peter Howitt and Elizabeth Rider, produced by Andy Rowley which was nominated for a Best Children's Drama Award at BAFTA.[3] The short series was shown on Scene BBC Two. It can also be viewed on YouTube. [4]

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