Storm Surge (ride)

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Storm Surge
Thorpe Park
Area Amity
Coordinates 51°24′14.77″N 0°30′47.53″W / 51.4041028°N 0.5132028°W / 51.4041028; -0.5132028Coordinates: 51°24′14.77″N 0°30′47.53″W / 51.4041028°N 0.5132028°W / 51.4041028; -0.5132028
Status Operating
Opening date 17 March 2011 (2011-03-17)
Replaced Octopus Garden
General statistics
Type River rafting ride
Manufacturer WhiteWater West
Model Spinning Rapids Ride
Course SK-75
Lift system Conveyor belt lift
Height 19.5 m (64 ft)
Length 142.3 m (467 ft)
Capacity 300 riders per hour
Duration 5 Min Approx
Height restriction 110 cm (3 ft 7 in)
Single rider line No

Storm Surge is a 'Spinning Rapids' water ride at Thorpe Park, Surrey, United Kingdom manufactured by WhiteWater West. It is located in the Amity area of the park, in the vicinity of the park's Tidal Wave-themed ride. Storm Surge, which opened in March 2011 with a fairground ride theme, makes use of the Tidal Wave water which has washed into Amity, as the town enters the 1970s. The ride was relocated from the transforming "Cypress Gardens Florida, which was acquired by Merlin Entertainments to be turned into Legoland Florida.

Ride Experience[edit]

The ride contains a 19.5 metre lift hill, and gradually 'spins' to the bottom of the slide, as velcro has been added to make the model of ride (which is usually marketed towards families) more intense, to suit the park's own target audience. As the ride itself does not get riders very wet, various water features have been added, including guest-operated water guns, overhead showers, sprinklers, and geysers. However most of them are broken.

Nearby Rides[edit]

The ride area also includes the park's main gift and snack shop, the 'Thorpe Mega Store', which houses designer clothing brands, many different souvenirs, including shirts, hoodies, trophies, etc., and snacks, as well as 'Doughnut Shack', a small snack kiosk which sells refreshments.

The 1996 ride, 'X', a Vekoma-manufactured indoor roller coaster, is located behind the ride, but, despite having to enter Amity to access the ride's entrance, is in fact in Lost City.

Nearby ride of Tidal Wave

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