Stoudt's Brewery

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Stoudt's Brewery
Stoudt's logo
LocationAdamstown, Pennsylvania, USA
Coordinates40°14′18″N 76°04′22″W / 40.2384°N 76.0727°W / 40.2384; -76.0727Coordinates: 40°14′18″N 76°04′22″W / 40.2384°N 76.0727°W / 40.2384; -76.0727
Owned byStoudt's Brewing Company
Active beers
Name Type
Pils Pilsener
Gold Lager Lager
American Pale Ale Ale
Scarlet Lady Ale Ale
Triple Abbey Ale
Double IPA Ale
Fat Dog Stout Stout
Weizen Wheat
Oktoberfest Lager
Pumpkinfest Pumpkin Ale
Winter Ale Ale
Blonde Double MaiBock Lager

Stoudt's Brewery is a microbrewery and restaurant located in the Lancaster County borough of Adamstown. It was one of the commonwealth's first microbreweries, having been started in 1987 by Ed and Carol Stoudt.[1] The restaurant, Stoudts Black Angus Restaurant and Pub, has been in business for half-a-century.


Beers regularly available at Stoudt's Brewery include a pils, a Munich-style pale lager, an American pale ale, and "Scarlet Lady Ale", an English-style ale. Heavier offerings include "Triple", a Belgian-abbey style ale, an American-style double IPA, and Fat Dog Stout, a British-style stout. Stoudt's also offers seasonal beers.[2]


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